Turning the Page to a New Chapter:  Pastor Doug’s Thoughts

It’s been over 15 years of praying, listening, discerning, planning, and then building.   First, it was praying, “Lord, give us a dream of what you want us to do?”  As in all prayer and conversation that meant listening.  It meant listening to and for the Spirit of the Lord – listening to the voice of God speaking through the members and friends of the congregation.  Listening gave way to discernment.  Just what did we hear?  Did we hear what was really said? 

From discernment emerged a dream for a new church facility that would be useful for a variety of purposes.  The building had to be accessible and useful for young and old alike. It was to be a place for fellowship events, for youth activities, for church dinners, for ministry outreach, and things yet to be seen. 

Then, there was the planning. In biblical fashion that kept in mind Luke 14:28, there was cost counting. What could we afford? How will this get paid off? And, how does good stewardship and cost containment refine the dream. That took a lot of prayer, designing and redesigning.

From the planning came the joy of ground breaking in May 2010. Over the next 13 months emerged a wonderful new structure, with a fantastic kitchen, a huge multi-purpose room, a platform for concerts and plays, a floor for dancing, volleyball, etc., and an improved entry into the church.

The building we’ve just dedicated on June 26th is a real tribute to what God can do with a people who come together in a common faith, commitment and purpose.  This great project was built upon the faith of our congregations founders 110 years ago – upon those who dared to buy land when many thought it foolish – who built a church on Drum Point Road – and, later expanded it in the late 1970s.  This new building symbolizes what God’s people can accomplish working together in committed faith and common purpose. I cannot say enough good things about the monumental effort of our Building Expansion Committee, the Fund Raising Committees, and the many people who worked long and hard through the years to make our new facility a brick and mortar reality.

But, now that we have this wonderful facility, we must with equal prayer and discernment, make sure we remain faithful to the Lord in using it to build up the Body of Christ – in serving the needs of this congregation, yes. But, also in serving Christ’s purposes by strengthening our youth ministry, in offering outreach programs that address local needs, in forming partnership with non-profit groups that benefit the community, in offering spiritual music and drama programs that convey the gospel message.

We may wish to say our work is done, having constructed the building. But now we must use it to build our ministry, as we begin a new chapter.  We must pay off our debt.  We must joyously and wisely use this addition as tool that blesses our congregation, our community and brings glory to God.  I’m sure you are as anxious as I to see what wonderful things may blossom in the life of our congregation’s ministry as together we work to use our new hall for its intended purposes.

Let me say to each of you, whatever part you played in making this day come about, WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANTS!


Building Expansion Update May 19, 2011

We’re coming down to the finish line.  A little over a year – innumerable volunteer hours of volunteer time – lots of work by our builders and their sub-contractors – and a great deal of mounting anticipation.  But we’re near completion! 

Our Building Expansion Committee continues to be faithfully working in behalf of our Lord and congregation with the Builder, 3-D Group, to get punch list items addressed and completed.

Alan Trautweiler and his crew have been working this week on the platform for the new building.  We are now awaiting some inspections and electrical installations, so this project can be completed.  The platform will allow us to store chairs only under it.  This will be a great addition to the hall for church school performances and other future events.

Chairs, tables, caddies for each, and other similar things have been ordered and we will be getting the necessary things for volleyball and basketball shortly.

Our Kitchen Subcommittee is busy preparing the way so the new hall will have dishes, flatware, and cooking utensils.  And speaking of the new kitchen, the Building Expansion Committee is working on the finishing touches of counters, and crank down serving windows, amongst a few other details.

Other issues being worked on presently include research into sound systems for the new hall and acoustical panels to minimize the echo that currently exists in the room.  All of these things are a work in process.  And some of these things may require a little more time for us to address that we had hoped.  But the committee is doing all it can to do things as best as possible with the resources it has to use.

Indeed, this is a very exciting time, as we begin to contemplate the completion of this huge undertaking.  Now for the best news of all!  We are planning to dedicate this new building to the glory of God and the ministry of Jesus Christ at 10:00 A.M. on Sunday June 26.  Our Dedication Service will start in the Sanctuary and end at by processing to the new hall for the ribbon- cutting, benediction and time of refreshments and fellowship. We hope you will join us for this time of worship and celebration.


 On April 6th, Brick Presbyterian Church was granted a certificate of occupancy from Brick Township for the new building.  This means that church members can now enter the church for services and church school via the new glass doors and lobby.

Because the Building Expansion Committee and the builder have a few projects still needing to be done in the new hall and kitchen that area will not be open to the public for a little while.  However, we hope you will find use of the new entrances and lobby helpful.


Building Expansion Progress Report for Week Ending  March 18

The Expansion Committee continues to covet your prayers and is highly appreciative of the support (both spiritual and monetary) of the congregation and its friends.  We are looking forward to the completion of this major undertaking in the not too distant future.  Believe it or not, it has been 11 months since we broke ground back in May of 2010.

We are providing you with the latest information provided us by our builder, 3-D Group on what has taken place this past week.

  • The inside of the new structure has been cleaned of construction debris;
  • The tile floor in the foyer and bath rooms has been sealed;
  • The floor has been finished, however, there will be a few spots that need to be redone;
  • And the required signage has been installed.


Building Expansion Update Friday, March 11, 2011

Progress continues to be made as we move forward with the construction of our new fellowship hall.  Tuesday night the Session authorized the pastor to form a sub-committee for looking into the equipment needs of the new kitchen.  This committee will be responsible for getting the various pots, pans, dishes, flatware and kitchen utensils that will make the kitchen useful. More information on this will be forth coming on Sunday.

Our builder (3-D Group) reports that most of the construction debris has been removed; the exterior walls have been cleaned, and a kitchen shutter has been installed.

There are some things still to be accomplished before we can open the new entrance for use, but that day is getting closer.


Building Expansion Report for Week Ending March 4, 2011

Your Building Expansion Committee continues to be faithfully at work and attentive to the many, many aspects of our church expansion project.  The committee continues to covet your prayers and support as they labor in behalf of our Lord and congregation.  

Our builder reports the following to us this week:

  • The staining of the concrete floor has been completed;
  • The construction of the wainscoting has been completed;
  • And the masons have washed down the stains that were on the outside of the building.


Building Expansion Weekly Progress Report
Week Ending Feb. 25, 2011

It’s been ten months since we had our ground breaking ceremony for the new Fellowship Hall and entry to the church from the parking lot.  We are now getting closer to the point where we can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

During the past week our builder, 3-D Group, reports that work was started on the wainscoting; work was started on the floors in the new fellowship hall, mirrors were installed in the bathrooms, and access panels were installed.


 Building Expansion Update for Week Ending Feb 19, 2011

The Building Expansion Committee, builder and subcontractors continue to keep busy as we continue to move forward.

During this past week our builder reports the following things having been accomplished:

  • Repaired and grouted light poles;
  • Three sides of the outside of the building were washed down to remove stains;
  • Block walls in the foyer were washed down;
  • Hoods to the stove are now wired;
  • Electric Panels are changed out at P2 and P5 was installed;
  • All doors were adjusted; and
  • Store front doors are completed.


The committee is anticipating that work on wainscoting installation will be done over the weekend and finishing work on staining the concrete floor in the multi-purpose room will begin early next week.


Building Expansion Project Activity Report
for week ending 11 Feb. 2011

Our congregation’s Building Expansion Committee continues to meet, review, and work with all diligence and faithfulness to move the dream of a new and improved facility for fellowship and service closer to completion.  The committee feels blessed to have the congregation’s prayers and support through all their work.

The Project Superintendent, Dave Tulanowski  reports the following work done :

  • Light poles reset with leveling bolts;
  • Started panel switch over at P2 and panel at platform;
  • Center table in Kitchen was installed with faucets installed; and
  • Bathroom wall lights were installed.


Building Expansion Work Update for Week Ending 4 Feb. 2011

We’ve come a long way since we had our ground breaking ceremony in early May of 2010.  The Building Expansion Committee has put in more hours than one can count, and we are now moving closer to the realization of a great vision for our congregation and its ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dave Tulanowski, the project supervisor for our builder, 3-D Group reports the following things having taken place during this past week:

  • All doors and hardware installed;
  • Bathroom accessories installed;
  • Grids are painted and installed on windows;
  • Bathrooms are now complete except for mirrors and wall sconses;
  • Carpet walk off mats and base are installed;
  • All ceilings are painted in a flat paint now; and
  • Access ladders are installed.


 Building Expansion Weekly Update – 29 January 2011

While we have been dealing with more snow than usual this winter, progress continues to be made as we proceed toward seeing the long-awaited dream of our congregation become reality.

We are very grateful to Bill Burdge Landscaping and his crew for keeping the church parking lot, sidewalks and stairwells cleared.  This winter near record snow storms has made that a monumental task.

Likewise the Committee has been very busy keeping a watchful eye on all the work, plus the finances necessary to keep the project moving forward, and as close as possible to budget. 

At the close of this week our builder’s site superintendent, Dave Tulanowski, reports the following things having been accomplished.

  • The double doors have been installed, though still awaiting some hardware;
  • Bathroom accessories have been installed;
  • Grids were installed on the windows;
  • Brackets were installed under countertops;
  • Carpet, walk off mats and base were installed; and
  • The foyer ceiling was painted flat white.


Building Expansion Construction Work Continues
Report for Week Ending January 22, 2011

Your Building Expansion Committee continues to be devoting untold hours in your behalf to this long anticipated dream that is becoming reality. The committee has been hard at work seeking to contain and manage costs, while at the same time seeking to provide the amenities that the congregation would like to have.

The Committee continues to covet your prayers for their efforts and success in behalf of the congregation and our future ministry, as-well-as your continued financial support of both the church's General Fund and the Building Expansion Fund. Our church utility bills are now reflecting the cost of electricity and of heating the new building, and that cost is tied into the church's General Fund.

We continue to look forward to the completion of the new facility for enhancing our congregation's life and ministry. During this past week the following work was reported to us:

Started installing the double doors;
Bathroom accessories were being installed, most of it now installed;
Grids were installed onto the new windows.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

 Building Expansion Progress Report as of January 14, 2011

Here’s the latest on what has been going on with the construction of the new addition to the church.

  • Tile work is now 95% completed;
  • The “store front” doors to the foyer are now installed;
  • The sink counters, urinals and stalls are now installed in bathrooms;
  • All lights are now working;
  • The ceiling tile work is now completed; and
  • Passed on all building, fire, plumbing and electrical inspections.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Building Expansion Weekly Report
7 January 2011

 We continue to look forward with great anticipation to the future use of our new Fellowship Hall as the construction proceeds.  We have come such a very long way from breaking ground in early May.  During the past week, we are pleased to state that:

 the kitchen hood and dishwasher hood are being installed;
hooking up the sinks and water closets is underway: and
the lights are all working now.

the tile work is 95% complete;

The Building Expansion Committee and Session want to thank you for your past and present ongoing support of this project.  Your continued prayers and financial backing continue to be a very important part of helping us complete and pay for this huge undertaking to enhance our ministry at Brick Presbyterian Church.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
For everyone's safety, please observe the new traffic patterns at the church 

Enter the church parking lot(s) and driveway from the East side of the church property (the Manse side). 

Exit on the West side of the church property (the side closest to Paris Ave.) on to Drum Point Road.  The Exit from the church property is one way with a lane for those making right hand turns on to Drum Point Road and a left hand turn lane for those going west on Drum Point Road

Please do not park near the construction site office trailer.  This area is still a designated construction zone and restricted to construction related work.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Post Christmas - New Year Update on Building Expansion
As of January 3, 2011

While it does not look like we will be able to use the new building for our Annual Meeting of the congregation this month, the construction is still proceeding forward in a positive manner.  Since our last website posting the following things have been accomplished:

  • The line striping was completed in the parking lot;
  • Curb and penetration through block wall was completed for exhaust hood;
  • The tile floor was completed in the kitchen and has been laid in the hallway and bathrooms, and will soon be grouted, thanks to the fine work of Wayne Odatto;
  • Most of the kitchen appliances have been delivered; and the
  • Lights and lighting trim have been installed, though still missing some bulbs.

There were some snow related delays to the project.  However, we are very grateful for the fine job Bill Burdge did in plowing the 3 feet of snow that fell on our parking lot.

There were also two days of inspections on our building site.


Step by Step – Day by Day Progress Continues on the New Building

Here we are in Mid-December, and we’ve come a long way since our ground breaking event in early May of this year.  You are encouraged to visit the archives to see the week by week progress.  Here is what has been accomplished during the week of December 12—17.

  • The Radiant heat is complete and working thanks to Brick Heating and Air-conditioning;
  • The FRP (fire suppression system) is complete in the new kitchen;
  • Wayne Odatto has begun the tile work in the kitchen;
  • The interior of the new complex has been primed and the finish paint has begun;
  • The grid ceilings are installed and the lights dropped in;
  • Framing for store fronts are installed with temporary doors to make the structure more secure and less wasteful of heat;
  • Painting of the parking lot started on Thursday, was halted because of weather and will continue when conditions permit; and
  • JCP & L completed the switch over to the new electric service.



Building Expansion Report Update – 10 December 2010

As we move closer to the celebration of our Lord’s birth – so too we are moving closer to day when our new building will be a site for greater ministry opportunities and community service.

During the past week the following work took place:

  • Gutters and downspouts were installed;
  • Work was started on trims and switches;
  • Radiant Heat system with two boilers was completed;
  • A 1 inch water line was capped and a 2 inch water line connected; and the street was paved where the water line work was done; and
  • Water and gas are now connected to the boilers.

Inspectors were on our work site two days this week.

During the coming week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) we anticipate some temporary disruptions to our electric service at the church as JCP&L connects the new electric service to the new panels.


Building Expansion Progress Report for Week ending Dec. 3, 2010

Things continue to be proceeding very nicely with the construction of our new Fellowship Hall.

  • The 2 inch water line has been connected and is running;
  • The is in place for JCP&L to run lines next week;
  • All sheet rock has been taped and second coated;
  • All soffits and facers are complete and wrapped; and
  • Sheet rock has been completed.


Progress Report on Building Expansion Construction
Week of Nov 22-26, 2010

Things continue to take shape as our new building addition look more and more like the dream becoming reality.  During this past week the following things were accomplished:

  • EIFS  has been completed;
  • Framing and insulation inspections were passed;
  • All soffits and facers are completed and wrapped;
  • Sheet rock has begun to be installed; and
  • Parking lot received its final paving layer.

Weather permitting parking lot painting will take place on Mon., Nov. 29th.


  Building Expansion Construction Update
Week Ending Nov. 19, 2010

Our anticipation continues to mount as we move closer and closer to the completion of our new Fellowship Hall.  During the past week a number of construction activities have taken place.  Here is a listing of what has been accomplished:

  • The Rough Electrical work was installed and inspected;
  • EIFS has been completed except around windows;
  • The Fire Sprinkler System has been roughed in and inspected;
  • The Framing has been completed and inspected;
  • The Soffits on the lower roof are completed and work has started on the upper ones;
  • All landscaping is completed and the trees are replaced; and
  • Installation of the insulation has started.



Progress Report on Construction of New Fellowship Hall

 Can you feel the excitement? The new building is becoming more of a reality with each week that passes.  Here are some of the things that have happened during the week of November 8th through 12th:


 - The windows have been installed in the hallway connecting the existing church building with the new building.

- Windows are now installed in the new Fellowship Hall

- EIFS has started.

- The Fire sprinkler system is ¾ completed.

- The rest of the parking lot lights are now standing, though needing to be leveled.

- The landscaping is now in.


Progress Report on Construction at Brick Presbyterian Church
Week Ending November 6, 2010

We are continuing to progress toward seeing the drea of a more useful church facility become a working reality. At the end of this week we are pleased to share with you these new things that have taken place:

  • The HVAC  duct work is nearing completion;
  • The rough wiring was completed and passed inspection;
  • The inside framing has been completed;
  • The remaining sidewalks were poured and installed;
  • Started the rough plumbing work;
  • Started work on Fire Sprinkler system;
  • Added two window cutouts to hall way leading to sanctuary; and
  • Corner Stone was installed to the front of the lobby area.


Progress Report for the Building Expansion Project
Week ending on Oct. 29, 2010

The following things were done during this past week on our construction project of a new Fellowship Hall:

  • Rough wiring was run throughout the structure;
  • Inside framing has begun for bathrooms and other areas;
  • Rest of the sidewalks were being formed; and
  • Temporary doors were installed to the fellowship hall.


Building Expansion Update
for Week Ending Oct. 15, 2010

The Lord continues to bless us with timely progress on the construction of our new church hall, in spite of some rain days. You will find in this weekly progress report what has happened since the prior week.  All the concrete slabs have been poured inside the new structure;

  • Radiant heat pipe has been installed;
  • Roofer has completed shingles and has started work on the flat sections of the roof;
  • Ramp area was poured;
  • Site work around the building has been brought to sub grade levels; and
  • Outlets and data conduit were installed in concrete floor of multi-purpose room.


 Weekly Progress Report on Construction of Church Hall
October 9th

Despite several days of much needed rain that slowed the construction project down, we are continuing to move forward.

During this past week the following has been accomplished on our construction site:

  • The masons have completed the block and set up for the slab;
  • The pipe work for the radiant heat system has begun to be placed; and
  • The roofer has completed shingling the main roof and started work on the flat roof.


We continue to be hopeful that we will be able to use the new hall for our annual meeting of the congregation in January.



Building Expansion Work Update Report as of October 1, 2010


We continue to move forward with the construction of the new fellowship hall and entrances to the church.  During the past week the following things have been accomplished:


  • The masons completed the lower walls for the lobby, new bathrooms and ramp walk way;

  • Five columns and caps were completed;
  • All trusses are set and are working on plywood and have completed the lower and flat roofs with framing and plywood; and
  • The multi-purpose room has been stoned and grading started for stone layer in bathrooms and lobby areas.

Some work was delayed this week because of a couple of rain days.


  Building Expansion Progress Report
Week Ending Sept. 24th


As the portico is framed out, the building is really taking shape.  This week, we have seen the following:

  • Masons have completed lower walls for lobby, bathrooms and ramp
  • Completed all 5 columns and caps
  • All trusses are set and the builders are working on plywood
  • Multipurpose room has been stoned and starting grading for stone in bathroom and lobby areas


  Progress continues on the construction of our new fellowship hall. During this past week the following things were accomplished:  

The Committee has been meeting and discussing modifications/improvements as the building goes up.  We are trying to improve lighting and adjusting where possible and staying on budget.  Committee members are on site daily, talking with our builder.


Building Expansion Progress Report
As of September 17, 2010

Progress continues on the construction of our new fellowship hall. During this past week the following things were accomplished:

1.      90% of split face and ground face block has been installed on multi purpose room and filled solid
2.      Masons working on ramp walls and bathroom areas
3.      Multi purpose room has all stone laid
4.      All trusses have been set on Multi Purpose room and started plywood
5.      Installing new distribution panels in basement for electric
6.      Fence gates on dumpster area are installed
7.      Committee ordered a Corner Stone "2010" for the new building
8.      Committee also is ordering a Memorial Plaque to list the names of those in whose memory funds were donated for the new building
9.      Committee working on floor finishes, dumpster issues, and landscaping issues.

Please remember that insurance prohibits us from allowing people/traffic inside the construction/fenced in area.  This is a hard hat only area.  


 Building Expansion Progress Report
Week Ending Sept. 10th

Things are continuing to take shape at the church as the construction workers labor in our behalf.  This week the following has taken place:

  • 90% of the split face and ground face block has been installed on the new fellowship hall and filled solid;
  • The CT cabinet and power bank was completed on the outside;
  • The 110' fence was installed as requested by the Township;
  • The bollards and fence post at the new dumpster site were completed;
    And the remaining old light pole in the parking lot area was removed.



   Building Expansion Progress Report
As of 4 September 2010

  ■Work was started on the ground face block of 4" and 12";
■The west wall was brought up to the top and 3/4 of north wall is done;
■Completed work of the new CT Cabinet and meter bank for electric service;
■The seeding of the ground that has been impacted by construction was completed;
■Piers were poured;
■Roof trusses were delivered; and
■New telephone/electric poles were set.


Building Expansion Update as of August 27, 2010    


Progress continues with our building expansion construction for a New Entrance, Fellowship Hall and Kitchen.

Here is what has taken place most recently:


-         The big tree in front of the manse had to be removed to make way for new electric service;
-         Block has been run up four corners of the new structure by the masons;
-         Work was started on the new CT Cabinet and service;
-         The correct grease trap for the new kitchen was installed;
-         Work was started on the new columns;
-         Block walls were built for the dumpster;
-         Landscaping work was done except for seeding;
-         New phone poles were set. 


 There have been a few minor setbacks at this point such as having to wait for the mortar for the ground face block and three days of rain.  


Building Expansion Update as of August 14

Lots of things continue to be taking place with the church's building expansion project. We think you will begin to have a better appreciation of what you saw as plans, now that things are taking shape.


  •  Some of the Parking Lot Lights have been erected and tested;
  •  Bob Towlin has been working on irrigation lines;
  •  Footers have been poured for the new portico;
  • The 3-D's landscaper has been planting trees;
  • Bricklayers have begun laying the brick walls;
  • A big tree in front of the Manse sadly had to be removed for new power lines as determined by the electric company;
  • The church has closed on its finance package for the construction;
  • Inspections have been on the following: footings and foundation; sewer and drains under slab; under slab electrical conduit; and pier.  



Your ongoing prayers and support of this project are essential to this project
for we are not just seeking to expand a building, but expand our ministry.


Building Expansion Project Update
August 7, 2010

Parking and Entrance to Church: 

 Parking is available on paved surfaces all around the church.  Those coming to the church for worship and meetings will note that building access remains only on the front side (side facing Drum Point Road). For worship services the front doors by the parlor, the double front doors at the top of the temporary ramp leading to the sanctuary will be open.  During the week access to church office will still be available by the steps leading to the office.  

 Progress Report on Construction:

During this past week the footings for the new addition were started and completed. Rebar was set and foundation block was run.  Rigid foam insulation was installed. Electrical conduit was started under slab for new structure. Sewer lines were run under slab, work related to the grease trap for the new kitchen was undertaken among other things. Footings were inspected by the township.


Building Expansion Update for Sunday August 1st

Parking:  The church parking lot now has base asphalt parking surface for use in parking much closer to the church front entrances.  This should make your access to the church office and to the temporary ramp leading up to the front entrance of the sanctuary much easier.  We will continue to keep the front doors by the church parlor (east end) of the building open on Sundays for those who are parking more toward the back.

Other things of note:

You will observe that some of the street light fixtures for the church parking area are being erected;

New top soil has been spread on the front lawn of the church property where trench work was done for the required new water and sewer lines;

Top soil has been spread by west side of the sanctuary between the new sidewalks and church building;

The cement footings for the new building/fellowship hall are being established by the masons on the project. 

Building Expansion Progress & Church Parking
Sunday, July 25th


Preferred entrance to the Church for Sunday is on the manse side of the church property which is paved. Parking can be on the paved parking areas as in the prior weeks.  If you park a car on the dirt lot please do so with caution, as that area has been prepared for paving on Monday. 

Access to the church building can be by the entrance in the front of the church closest to the Manse or via the temporary ramp on the side of what is currently the packed dirt foundation for the new parking area on the west side of the church building.

Great News!  The church has just received the long awaited building permit that is needed to close on the financing of the project and to allow us to proceed with construction.  Rejoice!

You will note that more sidewalks and curbing have been added to the church construction.  We hope to have a base layer of asphalt parking all the way around the church property for your use by Sunday, August 1st.  Again we will soon have reason to rejoice.

The water and sewer lines have been run from the street (which is why the front lawn of the church has been torn up).

The old ramp has been removed from the church in prep for the new addition.



Work Update Building Expansion  Week of July 4-11, 2011

Work continues with our new expansion.  This week the bulldozers and rollers have been busy with spreading and placing the Phase II sub-grade and 2 R Blend materials for parking surfaces and the like.  Curb and building stakeouts have been placed by the project engineers.  We now have the electrical, plumbing and foundation/footing permits.  We are now just awaiting the final building permit.  Our builders have made up some of the time lost during phase one of the project.

During the week of July 12th we anticipate work on new water and sewer lines and some curbing work.  Work on the new foundation will begin as soon as the mason can be mobilized.

We continue to access the church property from the front entrances only as the back of the church is still restricted because of the construction.  Parking remains on the manse side of the building in the paved areas behind the church.


Update on Parking and Church Access July 2, 2010

Come on in and join us for worship & fellowship here at Brick Presbyterian Church.

You will marvel at the changes taking place each week.

From now until further notice, parking will be in the paved area behind the church using the entrance on the Manse side (east) of the church. 

All access to the Church Building will be from the front (Drum Point Road) side of the building.  Groups who normally use the Fellowship Hall from the rear outside stairs going down to the hall by the Memorial Garden, can still access the hall by means of the stairs that go down to the hall from the outside front of the build. (The stairway may seem hidden from the street, but can be found just past the double glass doors on the east side of the front.)

Those needing Handicapped Access will now use the aluminum temporary ramp that leads up to the front entrance to the sanctuary.

For Sunday services we will have all front doors to main floor of the church open for easy access.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of construction.




The work continues as the dream moves toward becoming a reality. During the past week we can report the following things to have been accomplished:

  1. We received MUA permits for sewer and water lateral lines;
2. Passed site light conduit inspection;
3. Passed site light sonotube inspection;
4. Passed parking lot proof roll test;
5. Completed compaction and grading of Phase 1 of Parking lot; and
6. Temporary ADA ramp was installed to keep us compliant for when back entrance is unavailable because of construction.

The committee continues to appreciate your faithfulness and support of the church on Sunday and at other times during the week through this construction period.  You have bee n wonderful in adjusting to the changes we must adjust to as we make the dream move closer to reality.

In the very near future, will be finding the dirt parking area get its first layer of macadam. This should make life parking and walking much easier for all of us.  In the mean time we are working out details for release of the main building permit.  Once that document is released we hope to complete the financing package and close on the loan for this project.

Speaking of closing on the loan, don't forget to turn in your three year pledge card for the Capital Fund Drive to help pay for the loan.  We are dedicating the pledges on the first Sunday in August.






Temporary Parking During Construction

Please note for the next few weeks, access to the church from Drum Point Road will be on the west side of the property (right side of church, formerly the exit driveway).  This will be two-way traffic for entering and leaving the property. Parking will be along the west side of the church, and also behind the fenced in area where the new building will be built.

We will divide the two-way driveway with cones and arrows to direct flow. Note arrows on diagram below. The paved part will be for entrance purposes.  We have blacked out parking spaces which are in the designated drive aisles.  Drive aisles are marked in YELLOW, parking areas are outlined in BLUE and light blue, the new exit driveway is marked in Light gray,adjacent to the yellow near Drum Point, and the RED area is the construction zone which from now until completion will remain a Construction personnel ONLY area.  Please, for safety and insurance reasons, keep out of construction areas. Thank you.



For those traveling by bicycle, the church has a bike rack in front of the church for you to lock your bikes to while at the church. We thank you for your patience during this time of construction.   



Groundbreaking Ceremony

Sunday, May 2, 2010