Stream Energy Adds Natural Gas






The good news is if you haven’t already switched your electric provider, it’s not too late.  The great news is now you can also switch your natural gas provider as well.  Stream Energy will donate $4.00 per month for each electric customer and $1.50 per month for each natural gas customer to our building expansion fund.  All you have to do is pay your utility bill on time, it’s as simple as that, no additional money out of your pocket.  What could be easier?   Just bring us your electric and/or gas bills and we’ll do the rest, or log on to our account  Look for our table, contact us through the church’s website, or contact either Jeff Law (732 779-4499 or ) or Patrice Law (732 779-7242) for more information.  You are invited to join our growing number of customers who are taking advantage of this opportunity and please don’t switch your energy providers until you talk to us!



Contact Jeff @ (732) 779-4499 or
or Patrice @ (732) 779-7242