Christian Education


Religious Education at Brick Presbyterian Church

The Bible places an importance on religious and spiritual education of people.  In the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) people of faith are instructed to keep God's commandments and ways.  We are commanded to teach our children God's commandments, the traditions of our faith, and the lessons of faith.  In the Gospels, we find Jesus studied as a child in the temple.  As an adult our Lord was called Teacher, by those who were his disciples (students) and those who wanted greater spiritual understanding. 

We at Brick Presbyterian Church believe spiritual growth and education are life-long pursuits.  There is much to learn from the collective wisdom of the Bible. It is important to us for our children to know Jesus' love and forgiveness in their lives.  We firmly believe a solid spiritual foundation will equip our children for meaningful adult life, and build sound moral character.  In a world that has trouble distinguishing right from wrong, we believe a commitment to religious education can help establish a moral compass and a life that abides in God's love and grace.

Jesus once summarized the religious law and faith saying the first great commandment is that we "love God with all our heart, mind and strength, and that the second commandment is like unto it, that we are to love our neighbor as our self."    These two commandments seem so easy and simple.  Human history has shown understanding and applying those words is a challenge.


Goals of Religious Education

  • The goal of religious education is to help us discover God's love and grace for us;
  • To discover how to respond to God's love by faithfully loving and serving our God, while serving our neighbor as our self;
  • To enable us to spiritually grow in the knowledge, love and service of God;
  • To discover and nurture sound religious values and build faithful character;
  • To better understand how to read and appropriately apply the Bible to our life and times as we face many difficult and challenging issues in daily life;



Religious Education and Weddings

When couples contact our pastor to discuss getting married, religious education takes place.  Our pastor when meeting with engaged couples will explore the meaning of Christian marriage and talk about how Christian values and practices can be helpful in building a lasting marriage.


Religious Education and Baptisms

When a parent(s) request baptism for a child, they are required to meet with the pastor.  The pastor will discuss the meaning of baptism and its biblical foundations. Discussion will also review what it means to say that the sacrament is a sign and seal of God's grace. Attention is also given to the commitment a parent(s) makes and that the congregation makes to one another and to the Lord. 



Church School

Brick Presbyterian Church believes that children and young people are a vital part of our community of faith.  We take seriously our pledge to help parents raise their children in the life of faith. Thus we offer a church school program for children from nursery/preschool age thru the 8th grade. Classes begin at Age 4 (Pre-K) and Childcare is provided for Ages 0-3 with a short lesson included.  Our classes are lead by loving and committed staff of lay people who help share the story of our faith and its teachings to each new generation.  We use a standard Presbyterian Church USA curriculum, and give our young people to participate in various other activities that help them translate the words of faith into acts of faith.


Confirmation Classes

When a young person is entering his or her freshman year of high school, our church offers confirmation classes.  These classes usually run for an hour on Thursday nights from early January through the spring with Confirmation being held on Pentecost Sunday.  Students in the classes receive an overview of what the Bible is, what the Church is, what some of the Creeds of the Church are, what the Sacraments are, what our church government structure is and how it functions, the nature and meaning of church membership, and what it means to say Jesus is my Lord and Savior.  Students are given opportunities to write statements of faith, participate in worship leadership roles, and explore who God is in their lives.


Youth Groups

Our church offers both a Jr. High and a Sr. High Youth Group experience lead by caring and committed people of faith.  Our youth groups meet several times each month (usually on a Sunday evening) for fellowship, and discussion of topics that enable our young people to grow in their spiritual development and understanding.

Our young people can expect to go on one or two retreats each year to places like Camp Johnsonburg where they can interact with other teens and celebrate the life of faith in Jesus Christ.

Both Jr. High and Sr. High Youth Groups participate in various mission projects each year. Such project have included helping home bound people with yard work, visiting people in nursing care facilities, helping the Deacons with the Food Pantry, participating in projects like the area Hunger Walk, etc....


Adult Education

Faith Bible Study:  This group provides an opportunity to share joys, concerns, and faith in a relaxed atmosphere while studying the Word of God. This study group is open to all on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM in the parlor. One of the advantages to this groups format is that each lesson in the program is a self-contained unit allowing a participant to join in whenever is or her schedule permits. Lay leaders in the past have helped us search for growth in our journey of faith. The group goes into recess for holidays and takes a summer recess. Those in this study group seek to deepen their understanding of Christian life as it applies to our everyday world. Come and join us - the door is open, chairs are available, and the fellowship welcoming.

Seminars: The pastor of our congregation leads seminars on various topics of interest.  These seminars have focused on such topics as: Understanding the Bible and Its Origins; Reconciling the Worlds of Science & Biblical Faith; The Faith of C.S. Lewis; and the Book of Revelation: Understanding It in our Time.